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season 1 – NHL Draft, offseason, free agents, and more:


S1E4 • Canucks Scout Chris MacDonald: Pettersson’s hockey obsession, Horvat as a leader, draft

Chris MacDonald, Vancouver Canucks Amateur Scout, joins us for an exclusive interview, dishing candidly on how NHL teams build their draft lists, why Elias Pettersson is poised for greatness on and off the ice, and Bo Horvat’s humble confidence.

S1E3 • NBA & NHL Finals discussion #1

In episode 3, the crew is shorthanded and down one valuable member as expert analyst, Landon, was occupied over the weekend.

Nonetheless, Connor, Felix, and Ryan break down game 5 of the NBA Finals and game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals and what we can expect moving forward.


S1E2 • NHL Draft strategy + building an army continued

In episode 2 of our pre-NHL Draft series, the boys overview two teams we didn’t get to in E1: Winnipeg and Carolina – how these teams were built and what we find impressive and sustainable about their strategies.

Connor introduces his “Pper" prospect evaluation model. Also, we dive into the 2019 draft, and what the Canucks may do with their 10th overall pick. 


S1E1 • NHL Talk: Building "An Army"

n the inaugural episode of Coast to Coast, the boys honour the late, great Jason Botchford, in the 2019 draft lead-up series on “Building an Army” in the NHL. How are modern dynasties constructed and sustained?

Is drafting near the top of the lottery a requirement or a “nice-to-have”? Which teams are poised to enter and stay in the upper echelon in the foreseeable future? Where do the Canucks fit into this model?