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Landon Kapusianyk

Formerly a fan, now a headliner, Landon is a devout sports fanatic, Queen’s University Geology student, and writer. A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, he is very familiar with the sports scene in the North American Northwest. Landon has played many sports throughout his life but his main sport achievements include rowing with Queen’s University in 2015, winning the 2014 “A” BC Provincial High School Basketball Championship, and playing organized hockey for the better part of a decade. Currently washed up and old, Landon still enjoys playing sports recreationally and in intramural leagues. Pairing general knowledge of sports history and personal experiences playing, Landon is adept with providing unique opinions on modern sports. This fall, he will return to Queen’s to continue pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geology

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Nate Lewis

My name’s Nate and I’m a Vancouverite, a writer and an avid sports fan. I currently attend UBC, majoring in English Literature, and I’ve also spent time freezing my ass off at the University of Western Ontario. I am a lifelong hockey player and tortured Canuck fan. Hockey was my first love but I also closely follow International and American football as well as the MLS. My dream is to work in my hometown as a sports journalist, a field that is, unfortunately, rapidly shrinking. Forums like Fan Headlines are tremendously important precisely because they provide a platform for engaged, motivated people to reach a broader audience without having membership in the small core of Vancouver sports media. I am truly excited to be writing for FH and hope to grow and learn as a contributor to this unique platform.

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